Printer troubleshooting

Printer and Scanner Troubleshooting: Fixing Common Issues

Printer troubleshooting
Printer Troubleshooting

Is your printer or scanner acting up again? It can be incredibly frustrating, but worry not! Many of these pesky problems can be solved at home. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the most prevalent printer and scanner issues and provide step-by-step solutions to get your devices running smoothly.

Brother Printer Not Printing

1. Connection– Check printer connections: Ensure correct USB, Ethernet, or wireless connections.
2. Paper Jams– Check for paper jams: Clear any jammed paper or obstructions.
3. Ink/Toner– Check ink/toner levels: Replace depleted cartridges.
4. Driver– Check for driver issues: Reinstall or update your Brother printer driver.
5. Reset– Reset the printer: Power cycle to clear software glitches.
6. Print Queue– Clear the printer queue: Delete stuck print jobs.

Epson Printer Not Printing

1. Connection– Check USB/network connections: Ensure cables are securely plugged in.
2. Print Heads– Inspect print heads: Clean or replace clogged or damaged print heads.
3. Software/Driver– Check for software/driver issues: Reinstall or update Epson software/drivers.
4. Ink Levels– Check ink levels: Replace empty ink cartridges.
5. Factory Reset– Reset default settings: Resolve software issues with a factory reset.
6. Reinstall– Remove and reinstall printer: Completely uninstall and reinstall printer software/drivers.

Brother Printer WiFi Not Working

1. Reboot Devices– Reboot devices: Turn off and on the printer and computer. Restarting can fix WiFi issues.
2. WiFi Settings– Check WiFi settings: Verify WiFi is enabled on both devices and confirm network credentials.
3. Device Proximity– Move devices closer: Improve WiFi signal by reducing distance between devices.
4. Interference– Check for interference: Ensure WiFi isn’t disrupted by objects or walls. Change router channel.
5. Driver Update– Update WiFi and printer drivers: Eliminate connectivity issues with updated drivers.
6. Reset Network– Reset network settings: Clear problematic networking settings with a factory reset.

Brother Printer Not Printing Clearly

1. Print Head– Perform print head cleaning: Clean clogged or dirty print heads in printer settings.
2. Ink Levels– Check ink levels: Replace low ink cartridges, especially black ink.
3. Paper Quality– Use higher quality paper: Upgrade to thicker, higher quality paper for better print clarity.
4. Print Settings– Adjust print settings: Opt for “best” print mode and portrait orientation for enhanced quality.
5. Head Alignment– Align print head: Realign printer heads following instructions.
6. Driver Update– Update printer driver: Download the latest driver from Brother’s website for improved quality.

Epson Printer Head Alignment Not Working

1. Printer Reset– Reset the printer: Power cycle the printer to clear errors before attempting alignment.
2. Clean Print Head– Clean the print head: Thoroughly clean print heads to ensure proper alignment.
3. Paper Settings– Check paper settings: Ensure correct paper type and size to avoid alignment issues.
4. Manual Alignment– Disable automatic alignment: Manually control alignment if auto alignment fails.
5. Fine-Tune– Perform minor head adjustments: Carefully adjust alignment bit-by-bit for optimal results.
6. Calibrate Sensor– Calibrate optical sensor: Recalibrate the alignment sensor if alignment problems persist.
7. Contact Support– Contact Epson support: Reach out for assistance if all else fails or hardware issues are suspected.

Brother Printer Does Not Print

  1. Check for Paper Jams: Examine your printer for paper jams and promptly remove any lodged paper.
  2. Reseat the Print Carriage: Ensure a snug fit of the ink cartridges by taking them out and reinserting them.
  3. Print a Test Page: Confirm hardware functionality by printing a test page. Access printer settings to initiate the test.
  4. Clogged Print Heads: Address ink spray issues caused by dirty or clogged print heads by thoroughly cleaning them.
  5. Genuine Brother Ink: Ensure the use of authentic Brother ink cartridges, as incompatible ones can hinder printing.
  6. Verify Connections: Confirm proper communication between your printer and computer through USB, Ethernet, or WiFi.
  7. Disable Sleep Mode: Prevent interruptions during printing by adjusting power settings to disable sleep mode.
  8. Update or Reinstall Drivers: Resolve connectivity issues by updating or reinstalling your printer drivers.
  9. Factory Reset: When in doubt, return the printer to its default settings to rule out any erroneous configurations.

Epson Printer Does Not Print

  1. Check for Error Lights/Codes: Diagnose the problem by examining error lights or codes. They often indicate issues such as paper jams or ink problems.
  2. Verify Connection: Ensure that your Epson printer is correctly connected to your computer through WiFi, Ethernet, or USB. Reconnect if necessary.
  3. Install Latest Epson Software/Drivers: Prevent printing issues by keeping your Epson software and drivers up to date.
  4. Clean Print Heads: Ensure proper ink flow by thoroughly cleaning the print heads. Clogged nozzles can impede printing.
  5. Genuine Epson Ink: Make sure you have genuine Epson ink cartridges installed correctly, as the wrong ones can disrupt printing.
  6. Adjust Paper Settings: Match paper size, type, and tray settings to avoid mismatches that can halt printing.
  7. Power Cycle: Reset both the printer and computer to resolve connectivity issues. Turn them off and then back on.
  8. Disable Power Saving Settings: Prevent interruptions during printing by disabling power-saving settings like sleep mode.
  9. Printer Self-Test: Confirm hardware issues by running a printer self-test. Contact Epson for further assistance if needed.



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